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Al Aiello
Al Aiello

Hey Al, Your Operating Agreement Extraordinaire (121 page Blank format w/ table of contents to review) which blows everyone's mind! . “Wow that is a great LLC operating agreement!! Great program!!!”Respectfully, Paul F. Spann, CPA

Al, “The Operating Agreement alone is worth $10,000!....Lee Parker, RE Investor / Entrepreneur

“It would cost a fortune in attorney and/or CPA fees to come up with anything even close to The LLC Master Machine.”...Jim Guinness, Investor, *Marlborough, MA


-LLC Master Machine, Newly Revised for 2012-

"How to Set up and Operate Your Real Estate LLC for Maximum Legal Protection, Tax Savings and IRS Audit Proofing - Save $1,000’s – WITHOUT Expensive Lawyers"
Albert Aiello, CPA, MST with William Noll, Esquire

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With This One-of-a-Kind Program Specifically Designed for Real Estate Investors, Your LLC Will...

Give you ironclad protection of your personal assets and valuables
Give you the ability to save substantial amounts of taxes every year
Give you the power to defend yourself against IRS attacks
Prevent legal disputes and save you $1,000’s in legal fees
Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business.

**Special Note: The documents contained in this program can be used to also restructure your existing LLC with these same great money-saving benefits.

The Complete Downloadable Program for the Formation & Operation of Limited Liability Company in All States, Specifically For All Types Of Real Estate Investments…

PLUS: The 2012 program update includes, high definition audio training (downloadable) where Al will personally walk you through the steps to get you started to protect you and your family...WITHOUT Expensive Lawyers

PLUS: The 2012 update includes a content- rich webinar recording where you'll see Al walk you through:

-Do your Free LLC set-up, walk-thru
-Complete all of the legal documents, quickly
-Take the fear and complexity out of doing IRS partnership form 1065 - line-by-line, question-by-question. What info you can omit. Specifically for real estate (also for your CPA to do it right)
More money-saving strategies
Package Includes:

Checklist Of Step-By-Step Procedures To Get You Started On The Right Path To Protection

LLC Articles of Organization – Keeping The Members Private (off the public records)

Sample Format With Instructions

Operating Agreement Extraordinaire (121 page Blank format w/ table of contents to review) which blows everyone's mind! (Blank format with instructions for completion). “Wow that is a great LLC operating agreement!! Great program!!!”...Respectfully, Paul F. Spann, CPA

Sample filled-in Operating Agreement Extraordinaire (OA) with step-by-step instructions to make it much easier. “The Operating Agreement alone is worth $10,000!....Lee Parker, Entrepreneur

Detailed Explanation of the Operating Agreement Extraordinaire

LLC Membership Certificates & Certificate Register with Explanation And Step-By-Step Instructions – So you have undisputed ownership of the LLC

How to transfer your membership interest to a trust for privacy, protection, avoiding costly probate

Adding family minors as LLC members – Do’s and don’ts

Meetings & Minutes (Blank and sample filled-in formats)

Resolutions - Can be used instead of formal meetings – save you time. (Blank and sample filled-in formats)

A special OA Extraordinaire for the C-corporation as a minority member of the real estate LLC partnership with easy-to-follow instructions…where you can reap even more tax-saving deductions with no extra money going out, plus IRS audit proofing and asset protection.

Special LLC resolution to give to a bank, when opening an account so there is no giving up privacy and no delays or other inconveniences (Sample filled-in format with explanation)

State Filing Information – LLC State Web Sites


Great Features: Tables of contents for easy reference, larger print spacing, user-friendly to employ. As great as the former LLC Master Machine was, this one is even better!

If you want what I consider the best information available for Real Estate Investors on this topic, this is it. Education, forms, templates and massive protection.

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