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Robyn Thompson
Robyn Thompson

Just went thru the "Junkers to Millions" Bootcamp put on by Robyn Thompson in Orlando. Robyn is the best! She is generous in sharing her knowledge and her time. No question went unanswered. She taught us many tips and tricks of the successful rehabber - things that can be used on both the cheap junkers as well as the high priced ones she is now working on. I have only been doing the rehabs since November 2005 and am finishing my 6th one and buying more And I know I will do much better on the finishing the ones still in progress as well as buying and rehabbing my future properties because of Robyn's teaching. She lessened the hesitancy of moving to more expensive properties with her session on estimating. Thank you Robyn, as I told you when I met you in Anaheim - you are wonderful!

- Franci Taylor from Fontana, CA

Real estate investing is as vast as the mind can imagine with "Rehabbing" being the most complex phase of the business. Robyn Thompson's fantastic boot camp progresses you thru every phase of rehabbing from: planning, self-marketing, advertising, contractors, purchasing, repairing, financing, selling, inspections, attorneys, closings and asset protection. The entire summation of the practical application to succeed at rehabbing is covered, then completely reviewed on day five. She teaches that your attitude, knowledge, professionalism and ethical dealings with the public are key to confidence, stability and longevity in the rehab business. It is reassuring to learn Robyn's tremendous A-Z program as she walks you thru and unselfishly answers all your questions, even during lunch break! The "homes tour" is a day long hands-on invaluable experiment that prepares even a beginner to take control and proceed on their own after the boot camp. What a deal, she has thousands of student success stories to prove it. Listen!!! And learn!

- Shirley McClain from Memphis, Tennessee


Option 1: $995

Retailing for All Ca$h Course
(sells individually for $495)

Robyn’s Buying Machine
Rehab Timeline & Handling Contractors
Marketing to Attract “A” Credit Buyers
Qualifying Buyers
5 Real Life Examples & 2 Practice Problems
Streamline the Mortgage Process

Rehabbing from Beginning to End DVD’s
(sells individually for $495)

Rehabbing the Exterior- Roofs, Windows, Painting, Siding & yard
Rehabbing the Interior- Sheet rock, Painting, Kitchens, Baths, Vanities, Toilets, Flooring
The Mechanical Systems- Heating, Electrical, Plumbing, Pest control
The Finishing Touches- Doors, Lights, Before & After Photos, 10-Minute Estimate

Advanced Retailing Course
(sells individually for $495)
Workbook and 5 CD’s Include:

Advanced Buyer Qualifications with Real Life Examples
Advanced Rehab Techniques
Exponential Growth Private Capital to Finance the Properties
Cash Flow Management
Problems & Solutions to Selling Houses

PLUS 5 Cool Bonuses

Plus 5 Free Bonuses: Instant Cash, How to Control Contractors Like A Dog On A Leash, Mega Money Marketing, Wholesaling for Huge Profits & Mature Grown Up Adults.

***CRAZY Bonus For the FIRST 7 People. TONIGHT ONLY:
Do a Rehab deal in the next 120 days and get a full refund, but keep the course. Buy it, fix it, sell it, and make a profit...Get the Course Free!

Option 2: $1,995

Rehab University- 5 Day Bootcamp With Robyn (sells individually for $2,995 & $3995)

What You’ll Learn at Boot Camp

25 Marketing strategies to get your phone ringing off the hook with desperate sellers
How to wholesale one deal a month to cover your monthly bills
How to estimate repairs accurately at lightening speed
How to build a dream team of contractors
The all day bus tour with the dream team
The live rehab test case
How to prescreen sellers on the phone to “cherry pick” the fattest deals
How to prescreen incoming buyers to insure they qualify for your house
How to set up your office’s file system, bookkeeping system, and accounting system
Exponential Growth: generating cash flow, cash flow management, cash flow crisis
The selling machine
The dumbest mistakes I’ve made along the way, and how you can avoid them
How to do deals in your IRA
How to do multiple rehabs simultaneously
Dealer status vs. non dealer status
The basics of asset protection (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Nevada Corp, Land Trusts)
How to control the six fears that paralyze you from doing deals
The step by step plan to make $250,000 –or- $500,000 per year
How to run your rehab company like a business, not a hobby

Current Bootcamp Dates: 5 Days
-May 12-16, 2011—Orlando, FL
-August 18-22, 2011—Baltimore, MD
-December 1-5, 2011—Orlando, FL
-March 8-12, 2012—Orlando, FL

*Robyn does a 5 day bootcamp every quarter. One in Baltimore, and the other 3 in Orlando. You Do NOT have to decide now which date you want to attend. Your certificate is good for when ever you attend.

*'Attend Again for Life: Attend as many times as you like for life. No charge.

If you show up at the bootcamp, and after the bus tour on the 2nd day, you don't agree this is not for you, walk to the back of the room and get a 100% refund.

2 Person
Everything in Option 1 & Option 2 $2,997


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